2024 Ultimate list of design trends

In this evergreen list of design trends articles for 2024, we hope to provide you with some insights and inspiration in various fields. This year the list will be shorter but updated monthly with new insights and inspiration, so make sure to come back again. 

 Remember: Trends are not rules that designers must follow blindly, but simply suggestions and inspirations that can help designers create more appealing and effective designs.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

generative AI multimodal AI models AI democratization ethical AI, AI jobs low-code tools quantum AI

Graphic Design

minimalism AI design anti-design eco-friendly hand-drawn motion/animation brutalism

Branding / Logo / Typography

natural patterns responsive logos animations bold typography simple shape doodles/sketches


first-party data AI Macroeconomic trends programmatic advertising voice assistant sustainability consumer values


AI immersive experience mixed media 3D enhanced realism VR


pretty personal purposeful QR codes smart labels convenience sustainable minimalism innovative shapes

Social Media

AI AR longer video content gated content autentic/raw content YouTube Shorts/TikTok Reels social search photo dumps (Instagram/TikTok)

UX / UI / Web

accessibility AI AR/VR/Metaverse voice interfaces & search personalization immersive scrolling progressive PWAs eco-friendly design


enhanced realism interactive VR integration live video simplified production immersive video user-generated content